Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Speaks Through Us

If the heart could speak
what would it say
We try and tell of the feelings
that are deep within us from day to day

Love is a vast emotion
it can fill you up inside
it can rip you apart and leave you questioning Why?

But Love was given to us as a gift
so precious and devine
So that we can share it with others
so that the light may through us shine

Some of us look from day to day
deperately to just feel it
Some of us sort through our thoughts
just trying to figure out how to reveal it

One does not know the key to it's mystery that runs deep
It exists always
even while we sleep

Love was given for a reason
It is truly just to share
An emotion to show someone else
how deep down we really care

1 comment:

  1. Tama ka jan!!!
    Love is given for a reason...
    everything has a reason...
    and everyone has a reason to love...
    ang cute noh!!!
    all the best!!!
    God bless!!!